Freak out already


I have this looong to-do list of stuff for school that I need to get done by Wednesday of next week. Plenty of time, right? Yeah no. But I can’t focus and have no motivation to do any of it. Blah. :P I’m not sure why.. I guess I’m annoyed and worried but not enough to notice it, so it’s nothing major. Idk. I guess I’m just babbling because I can’t direct my thoughts well at the moment.

HP7 Part 1 comes out in like 20 days!!! So exciteddd! It’s totally gonna own. It’s about that time for the Daniel Radcliffe obsession to flair up again.. but Rupert’s hair is sexier than hell. ;)

And P!nk’s new song Raise Your Glass is already on my top 25 played on iTunes. Oh yes, love it.

This isn’t helping.

I need something solid to spill my thoughts about. Maybe I’ll go read a bit to distract myself… then we’ll see if I can get to this dang homework. :/


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